The purpose of North Shore Hockey Development Academy (NSHDA) is to provide a training ground for elite hockey players to master their craft. NSHDA is derived from the recognition that to build high-level athletes it takes quality repetitions and advanced

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NSHDA's 2010 All-Stars


Welcome to NSHDA's 2010 All-Stars Spring Invitational Team. This is an invite only skills program.


NSHDA is derived from the recognition that to build high level athletes it takes quality repetitions and advanced techniques. Hockey skills will be taught in a repetitive manner making the core fundamentals second nature so players can execute in competition. This spring program is for the ones who inspire to play at an elite level and are committed to the game of hockey.


This training routine will concentrate on core skill fundamentals. Focus will be on skating/edges, passing, stick handling, shooting, defensive plays, offensive plays, and small area battles. Coaching emphasis will be on technique, repetition, constant feedback, and mastering of the skill. 


Each player will receive a NSHDA All-Stars Jersey, Socks and NSHDA T-Shirt. 



Skills Training will be:  

Sat      April 8th          12:20pm – 1:50pm

Sat      May 27th        12:20pm – 1:50pm

Sun     May 28th        12:20pm – 1:50pm

Sat      June 3rd         12:20pm – 1:50pm

Sun     June 4th         12:20pm – 1:50pm

Sat      June 10th       12:20pm – 1:50pm

Sun     June 11th       12:20pm – 1:50pm

Tues    June 13th       5:00pm – 6:30pm



Hot Shots Ice Arena

29860 N Skokie Hwy, Lake Bluff, IL 60044